Treasured Memories… of Ravi Zacharias

Treasured Memories… of Ravi Zacharias

It was such a great privilege for me to become a part of RZIM Life Focus Society in the year 1993 and so got to get introduced to our Founder, Ravi Zacharias, during our First National Conference in 1994 in New Delhi.

His first words to me with a broad smile on his face were, “Hi Anita, welcome, thank you for being a part of RZIM”.  Henceforth, every year I had the privilege to meet him during our conferences for the last 26 or so years, he would always acknowledge with a big smile and a warm embrace and thank us for all the work we are doing back at the office in India.

My memories go back to hearing the audiotapes of his messages starting with … Who are you God, Fish out of Water, Marching to a Different Drummer; and I would be very eager to be part of the small production team for the audio cassettes for sale.  I was so captivated by his amazing knowledge on all subjects, his humour, passion and zeal as he shared God’s word.

Every time I had a brief conversation with him, I felt so important and valuable because he will speak to you as though you are the only person standing before him and there would always be joy and a twinkle in his eyes and laughter, grace in his conversation. I saw the joy of the Lord always in him, which was so contagious.

I had the great honour of receiving the staff service award from him during our RZIM India 25th anniversary celebration.  Also, I still remember his email with words of comfort during the home call of my dear dad in the year 2010 that shows his genuine concern for each of our families.

The quote that really stands out for me is from his book – The Grand WeaverThe greatest dream of all is to know God and know what He has intended for your life….The Grand Weaver will take all of your struggles, questions, disappointments and fears and use them to build your faith and increasingly make you into a man or woman who looks like Jesus Christ.

Thanks to dear, respected Ravi, for faithfully following God’s call in his life and that has resulted in us becoming a part of the RZIM family. We will run our life with our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, the author and perfector of our faith.   There will never be another person like him, but we know he is in the arms of his saviour whom he loved so much.

Truly thanking God for his extraordinary life, we miss him much and more.

Anita Ravi, Designs & Publication Manager, RZIM Life Focus Society, India.

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