Joker and our deep desire for recognition

In the movie Joker, Jacob notes the theme of recognition running through the entire plot of the movie. The innate need in each one of us to be seen, heard and loved.

Friendship Day

In his survey of the most popular and enduring TV series of recent times, Sydney-based writer, Nathan Jolly 1 found that the famous American sitcom Friends which is built around six friends who are always there, with and for each…

Biblical sexuality vis-a-vis Hookup culture

  The slogan of today’s culture can be reduced to just six single syllable words, ‘if it feels good, do it’. Peter Singer of Princeton University once said, “Sex raises no unique moral issues at all…Decisions about sex may involve…

Boredom and the Meaning of Life

Daniel Thejus (Bobby) says, we are bored with everything under the sun. We are even bored with relationships, work and religion. Learn more.

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