Re-visiting the Ravi Story

Walking from East to West and to the Rest of the World

(Adapted from the introduction given by Shalini Manohar at the Founders’ Weekend in 2017, USA)


I have taken courage to recapture his story by using the titles of his sermons and books to highlight – God weaving the story of his birth, redemption and setting him apart for a unique calling.

So come along with me to ponder over his story – History of WALKING FROM EAST TO WEST and to THE REST OF THE WORLD.

In case you are not familiar with any of the titles they are in all caps; please take a visit to the RZIM Website and you can get these resources.

The GRAND WEAVER had a plan that he would be born as a BRITTLE CLAY IN TENDER HANDS in a land known for many religions, many philosophies, many languages, many cultures, and many culinary tastes, so that in the years to come he will become A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS in all countries who will proclaim the ANCIENT MESSAGE THROUGH MODERN MEANS TO A POST -MODERN MIND (NOW POST-TRUTH) so that people can understand, CAN MAN LIVE WITHOUT GOD? and WHO IS JESUS?

His passion to BRIDGE THE MIND TO HEART and LET MY PEOPLE THINK was inherited from his family – his dad’s side reputed for expertise in linguistics and intelligence with naturally endowed humour and from his mom’s side an overflow of kindness and love, and later his parents-in-love(law) with gentleness and reverence to the Lord. All resulting in “APOLOGETICS WITH A TOUCH” – Wellspring International.

The most important person that God brought into his life, his soul mate – Margie, lovely, humble, well-read, intelligent, lover of history and particularly lover of books so that in the years to come she would read all the manuscripts of his books. Both of them had to wait to get permission and blessings from their parents before he could say “I ISAAC TAKE THEE REBEKAH”. Their wedded life is a testimony of “LOVE – THE SUPREME ETHIC” and their love for God enabled them to live out what they proclaimed, “LOVE CANNOT BE DEFINED APART FROM GOD” Growing up as a young lad it was like A LIFE THAT LOST ITS FOCUS and like A FISH OUT OF WATER and he was pondering over WHAT IS WORTHWHILE UNDER THE SUN, then the GRAND WEAVER revealed to him on his hospital bed that THERE IS A PLAN for his life so that he will be MARCHING TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER standing before multitudes to highlight THE LOSTNESS OF MAN and ultimately lifting JESUS ABOVE ALL.

God brought DD Davis into his life and now life moved into top gear with an urgency to obey God’s call to answer QUESTIONS OF THE MIND and CRIES OF THE HEART.

For the family with 3 wonderful children, the children understood HE IS RAISED TO FLY (RUN) and were ready to accept IS THERE NOT A COST?for the cause. Both Ravi and Margie understood “The POWER OF A CHILD” and raised them up in Godly ways.

For the last 48 + years when it comes to his visits to countries and cities we have lost count of the numbers,so we say he had been to scores of universities, professional forums, leadership summits, addressing leaders & governors and in Churches at large speaking on varied topics WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN, RECAPTURING THE WONDER, JESUS AMONG OTHER SECULAR GODS, THE CONSTANCY OF GOD IN A CHANGING WORLD, THE LOGIC OF GOD and most importantly THE ULTIMATE ANSWER – JESUS CHRIST.

So what made him to go on and on “THROUGH CONFLICTS AND CRISIS”? it’s because of the one who said, “Because I live you shall also live”

So he lived for Him and for His glory by LIVING WITH CLEAR BOUNDARIES and UNDERSTANDING HIS CALLING which was the last sermon he preached at the Pastors’ Conference in Sri Lanka in Feb 2020.

With overflowing thanks and a grateful heart, I am so humbled and so honoured to present the only one Ravi Kumar Zacharias.

Mrs. Shalini Manohar COO RZIM Life Focus Society

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