Dr. Balajied Nongrum

Balajied Nongrum

Lessons from Jesus, the Teacher

Ideas are the precursor to social engineering. Jesus the master teacher had opened up new vistas by appealing to the minds and hearts of the people for a moral revolution in the beginning of the common era, what is rightly…

Life lessons from a Master Chef!

“Perfection is lots of little things done well,” says Marco Pierre White, celebrity chef, restaurateur and television personality, who is often called the godfather of modern cooking. He was one of the youngest chefs to be ever awarded three Michelin…

On Giving

Taken from the Slice of Infinityhttp://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/on-giving/ Neil Vimalkumar B is Senior Apologist and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society.   At an open lecture in a leading software company, I made the comment: “Love is seeking the highest best of…

Our Views of Christ

Balajied Nongrum is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. Very often, the Christian life, in general, is lived out between two different tight compartments. One is the ‘sacred’ and the other is the ‘secular’, if at all we…

Where Is Neighbourliness When It Hurts?

Neil Vimalkumar B is Senior Apologist and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. There is an unbelievable amount of ‘not-fair’ feeling that shows up when we go through intolerable pain and suffering. Questions are sharp and fast. So, we hear…

Three Secrets to Engaging with Culture

Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. The 21st century, more than any other century, perhaps, is characterised by one word – redefine. Core issues and values of life such as truth, relationships, marriage, meaning, reason,…

In Search of ‘the Sanjeevani’

Charles Premkumar Joseph is Speaker & Writer and R.Aravind is Development Executive with RZIM Life Focus Society.   A jewel in the crown of Incredible India is undisputedly the scenic northern hill state of Uttarakhand (UK), formerly called Uttaranchal. Uttarakhand prides itself in…

The ABCD of Freedom

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. There are at least four kinds of freedoms that God grants us humans: The freedom of ability, boundary, conscience, and duty. Call them the ABCD of freedom. In the first place,…

The Art of Dil-Logic

Taken from Slice of Infinity. http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/the-art-of-dil-logic/   Charles Premkumar Joseph is a Speaker and Writer at RZIM Life Focus Society, India.   I was recently in Chennai for two weeks with a class of twenty aspiring apologists from all across…

Celebrating Enlightenment

Neil Vimalkumar B is Senior Apologist and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. It is called the festival of lights. Arguably, ‘sounds’ as well. The popular story of Diwali is a celebration of the victory of good over evil and…

My Old, New Testament

Taken from Slice of Infinity.http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/my-old-new-testament/ Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. Tucked away among the many books on my dusty shelf is the first Bible that I really owned and truly read—my New International…

Strange Men, Strange Gifts, Strange Child

The word “Christmas” conjures up many images in our minds. The most popular one, I guess would be “gifts”, to the extent that ‘Christmas’ and ‘gifts’ could well be synonymous. Choosing gifts is no joke. Especially when it happens to…

The “Good Governance Day” That Christmas Is

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. In 2014, the Government of India declared December 25 as “Good Governance Day”. The declaration was made to mark and honour the birthday of the former Prime Minister…

In Pursuit of Spirituality

Taken from Slice of Infinity. http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/in-pursuit-of-spirituality/ Balajied Nongrum is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. There is a growing interest in new spirituality in our times. With its all-inclusive approach to religion accompanied by its emphasis on the spiritual…

You Are What You Possess

Taken from Slice of Infinity. http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/you-are-what-you-possess-2/ Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. A shocking story appeared in the Times of India, about a teenager, thirteen years of age, who had taken to prostitution because of her…

True Spirituality

Taken from Slice of Infinity. http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/true-spirituality/ Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. Not long ago, Chandrababu Naidu, a well-known Indian politician and the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, South India, made a very interesting observation.…

The Rising Son of Easter Morning

Believe it or not, Christians claim that Jesus actually rose again – bodily and historically – from the dead on the first Easter day. Many, of course, do not believe. To them, Christians would humbly and graciously request to not…

Love Most Magnificent Where Can I Find It by Ravi Zacharias

Love Most Magnificent: Where Can I Find It?

After Jesus was crucified, two men came and asked Pilate for permission to take His body down from the cross and entomb Him. They were men who, when Jesus was alive, were afraid to follow Him openly. One was Joseph…

The idea of sacrifice is as old as old can be

Sacrifice Extraordinary: It Can’t Get Better Than This

  The idea of sacrifice is as old as old can be. In Christian living, it is important to understand the concept of sacrifice. Here are some quick answers to important questions relating to the concept of sacrifice. What does…

Is Christ the End of Sacrifice

Is Christ the End of Sacrifice?

  In this video Aniu K. Kevichusa shows how sacrifice is essentially an act of cleansing. In the Old Testament, sacrifice rituals are often placed alongside purity laws. Sacrifice makes sense only in the backdrop of purity and impurity. The…

God Saves Us from Our Destructive Self

What do I do? Nothing, for it’s done already

  He calls us – His very own For reasons doctors knew best, Kevin our boy when born, was immediately shifted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Prior to him, my wife had had a miscarriage and we were still…

A blueprint to script success in work, in life

Wired to Win, A Script to Notch Up Victory!

“The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall, It’s simple and it’s plain, why should I complain?” – sang the famed pop group of yesteryears. Be it romance, a career move or owning a latest tablet, the stridency…

the behind-the-scenes cosmic designer

The Behind-the-scenes Cosmic Designer

Does belief in an Intelligent Designer make sense in an age of Science? Many people today believe that life in the universe results from blind and random forces. They consider this a matter of scientific fact, and that belief in…

A Time to Grieve

Recently, a colleague sought an explanation regarding the untimely death of a friend. It was one of those questions that exposes the vulnerability of a confident apologist. How one wishes that the dots could be connected, the blanks filled, and…


A Man For All Seasons

  (From Ravi Zacharias’ talk given at the Executive Summer School in Mumbai on March 12,2016.) In this video Ravi Zacharias takes us through the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis. He shows how Joseph was grounded in…

Human beings are created in the image of God

Human Beings Just Like Us

  The 12th of January 2012 saw an India deeply shocked and embarrassed by a certain footage released by the British Newspaper The Observer, which showed half-clad Jarawa tribal women and children enticed to dance and sing for tourists in…

The Struggle for Identity

The Struggle for Identity

One of the biggest questions we have to deal with in a globalised world is the question of Identity. How do we understand ourselves? How do we understand the Other? How do we live together with mutual respect for each…

God has a special place in his heart for womankind ravi zacharias

And The Two Shall Be… Equal

  Ravi Zacharias answers the question Are men greater than women? during a Q & A on May 1,2015. We, both men and women, are equal in the eyes of God. Nobody is better than anybody else, so we dare…

To become secular is to become prodigal in a way

Secularism: The Prodigal Child

A helpful way to understand secularity is to see it as the prodigal child of Christianity. It helps not only by giving a location to the “secular”, but it also provides a way to make sense of the cultural conflicts…

The Resurrection of Jesus was First Revealed to Women

Does God Favour a Gender?

Ravi Zacharias answers during a Q & A session after the Open Forum held on February 24, 2016, at University of Kentucky God is the God of humankind.. that is our Lord who treats all of us, men and women,…

We dream of leading a noble life. But we find it difficult to practise it.

Why Integrity Matters

  by Michael Ramsden A society can function only if its people are men and women of  integrity. Ethics and Morality play an important role in the life of an individual and a community, yet we find it very difficult…

God answers prayers always but may not always grant prayers

Can Prayer Alter God’s Plan?

  The question the title of this post poses is one of the more difficult questions regarding the mystery of prayer. While there can be no completely satisfactory answer to the question, there can still be adequately satisfactory answers to…

Our life and our theology cannot be seperated, it needs to be integrated as one complete whole

Lifestyle Apologetics

  Many times we dichotomize life and theology. We pursue theology as a mere cognitive endeavour. But when we look at the great Biblical characters we find that they never put their life and their knowledge into separate compartments. Both…

God's word needs to be handled with intergrity

‘Wordal’ Abuse: An Expose’

  ‘Wordal’ Abuse: An Expose’ (How NOT to read the Word ) by Charles Premkumar Joseph As someone who has had no formal theological training but had thrived on large spiritual helpings from pulpits, tapes, DVDs and the World Wide…

Heart of prayer is what matters

The Discipline of Prayer

  Prayer is relational. The primary purpose of prayer is not to make God do what we want him to,  but rather it is to build an intimate relationship with Him. Oswald Chambers says that the point of prayer is…

God Is, God Remains

by Dr. Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa My wife, Ono, is someone who has been through quite a bit of physical distress and lives with some measure of disability. In one of her old Bibles is a fading scrawl that she made…

The ABCD of Freedom

by Dr. Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa There are at least four kinds of freedoms that God grants us humans: The freedom of ability, boundary, conscience, and duty. Call them the ABCD of freedom. In the first place, there is the freedom of ability. If God makes…

freedom by os guinness

The Challenge to Human Freedom

Author and Speaker Os Guinness articulates the challenges to freedom faced by nations around the globe. Sustainable freedom seems like an almost impossible goal. In many nations freedom for one group of people is tyranny for another. How do we…

Can secularism give a strong foundation

Addressing Questions on Freedom

  by Ravi Zacharias & Os Guinness Is Freedom unlimited? What are the challenges to freedom in a complex globalised world? In this video Os Guinness and Ravi Zacharias address important questions asked by people of varying age groups and…

freedom to make a choice is a gift

Dil Ki Azadi

In order to enjoy true freedom the problem of the heart needs to be resolved. All is not well within us. The Bible says that we are slaves to sin. But there is a hope, Jesus Christ is our hope.…

Methods or Messiah

We are all wired differently, aren’t we? Some of us are the intellectual types and some emotional, some are action-driven and so on. In my pursuit of God, I confess I am inclined to loving with all my mind and…

Seventy Years Of Freedom?

The idea of freedom resonates with the idea of release — to be free. It has been 70 years since India became independent. The shackles of the British Raj fell. We have achieved release in one very important sense. However,…

God is fair

God is Just, When Life Seems Unfair

  (By Dr Latha Christie) Life is not always fair and when unfairness strikes, a question begins to haunt us: “Is God fair?” This pierces us to the core and leaves us at a complete loss. We feel that it…

Search for Freedom Stuart McAllister

Our Search for Freedom

  (By Stuart McAllister) Why do we feel alienated and restless in the world we live in? This bondage is expressed in many art forms like movies, music and novels. We seem to always be searching for true and lasting…

justice balajied nongrum

In Pursuit of Justice

  A story is told of Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, who was famous for two things.[1] First, it is rumored that he lived in a bathtub and took it with him wherever he went. And second, he possessed a lamp.…

The Powers That Bind Us - by Jacob Cheriyan

The Powers That Bind Us

  In this video Jacob Cheriyan starts with a conversation he had with three people who tried to give different reasons for why they felt they were in bondage. Jacob states that the powers we give ourselves have the potential…

Jesus Restores Justice

Jesus Restores Justice

How Justice can be used to Build rather than Break people As teachers, my wife and I were constantly in situations that required fast track judgements. There have been instances when even after a long and arduous process of interviews…

Call to be nation builders

Called to be Nation Builders

  The Bible says that we are called to be salt and light in the world. In this talk, Tejdor Tiewsoh looks into the roles and responsibility of a Christian in building a nation. He proposes three central Ideas. The…

tea plantation

Beyond the Visible

Winters, in the north-eastern part of India, especially Shillong where I live, can be bitingly cold, and more so when it rains. One year, the winter was particularly wet, and for weeks on end there seemed no respite from the…

Porn? No Thank You

No Porn, Please!

  Sex. The three letter word can be a blessing and a curse. It could remain a blessing if it is merely used but when abused it turns into a demon. We are told that, the more open we are about…

Endurance By Margaret Manning


  By Margaret Manning It is a task performed with repetitive motion, often in the heat of the day for hours and hours. It is carried out despite its monotonous nature, regardless of the blisters that form on delicate skin…

Music - RZIM India

Echoes of Truth

  By Abhishek Shibu What is it about musicians that make them impervious to the conventions of life? How is it that raw passion denies all established laws even at the peril of being ostracised? Not just a blatant disregard…

Uniqueness of Christ - by Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Uniqueness of Christ

By Ravi Zacharias Do all paths lead to God? Why choose one worldview over another? Every worldview claims exclusivity in one way or the other. There is no all inclusive Truth, the question is which exclusive worldview corresponds to reality.…

Love is what God eternally is

Agnus Dei – On the Altar of Love

  The Urban Dictionary is a resource that I’m frequenting ever so often these days. In one of my recent visits, I chanced upon the phrase, “Sacrificing the Lamb”. Ever wondered what it could mean? Tada… Meaning: “Act of cutting…

Death is not really the last word in life - Jill Carattini

The Sting of Death

  By Jill Carattini Researchers not long ago professed to have come up with a questionnaire that could measure a person’s chances of dying within the next four years. According to one of the designers, the test reported to be…

Great to Good

From Great to Good

  By Stuart McAllister In an age when success is measured in terms of the wealth you possess or the position you are in, Stuart McAllister challenges us from a Biblical perspective. The Bible redefines the popular notions of success…

God's love

Surprised by Suffering

  By Dr Balajied Nongrum How can a good God allow evil and suffering in this world? If God is all powerful and all loving, why can’t he eradicate suffering completely? In this talk Dr Balajied Nongrum shows us four…

Dr Ravi Zacharias Uniqueness of Christ

The Uniqueness of Christ (Part 2)

  By Ravi Zacharias The life and death of Jesus Christ provides us with a worldview that no other worldview can offer. It is absolutely unique. It first gives us a strong framework for moral reasoning, it shows us the…

Is Christmas all about just cakes and Santa Claus?

It isn’t Christmas till it happens in the heart

  By Thomas Skaria Sometimes the glamour of Christmas can prevent us from seeing the real meaning of Christmas. The real meaning of Christmas is to do with  Jesus who was born 2000 years ago. He is the much-needed saviour.…

Be committed to God

A Prayer to Commit

An Overview As human beings often we fail to keep the commitments we make. We all desire to keep to our commitments but we find ourselves falling short. This is especially true in our commitment to our Lord and saviour.…

As children of God we are called to resemble our maker

Christmas is Inner-Engineering

Christmas is inner engineering. It is the change that each human needs to become the best he or she can be. This cannot be done by ourselves. We all need a saviour. The Christmas story tells us of the birth…

Jesus is the only one born as a king

Born a King

  By Seline Augustine A Christmas season not many years ago we were privileged to sing in church the J. W. Peterson cantata, Born a King. On that Christmas long ago, Silver stars were all aglow, Angels came to earth…

New Year Resolution

New Beginnings

  I’m reminded of the lyrics of a song, ‘closing time, every new beginning is another new beginning’s end.’ Even before we have realised it we have come to the end of a year and the new year is here.…

Making a case for the body

Making a Case for the Body

  Christianity is not the most “flashy” of religions; but it is the most “fleshy.” The Christian faith does not consider the material world as inherently evil. In fact, it considers the goodness of the material world, including the human…

When Fetters Fall

When Fetters Fall

  Freedom is part and parcel of the good news of Jesus Christ: “For freedom Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1). Christ sets His people free, first, from the evil one, the devil himself. For many moderns, this is no doubt an…

The Forgotten Heartbeat

The Forgotten Heartbeat

  by Abhishek Shibu It’s a cold February morning as I get ready for yet another day in the lab.  Open the door; a step outside; deep breath and it hits me, ‘Love is in the air’; or maybe it’s…

Generous Giving

Generous Giving, A Way of Life

  Christian giving is  given a lot of importance in the New Testament. Apostle Paul saw the grace of giving as a core part of what it means for us to be Christians. Chris Wright1 asserts that Paul ‘gives more…

Finding Gods will

Finding God’s Will

  Life is full of decisions and each one of us wants to know how to make the right one. How can we discern the will of God? What are some of the parameters to know what is beneficial and…

Social media and the quest for identity

Social Media and The Quest for Identity

  The Episode ‘Nosedive’ from the series Black mirror shows us a dystopian world where everything is governed by a person’s ratings on social media. In this world social media ratings have become the basic currency. A person’s salary, housing,…

The Big B

The Big B!

  by John Ravindran Jesus Christ while explaining the cost of Discipleship gives this illustration of a person sitting down, counting the cost before he even lays the foundation of a tower (Luke 14:28). We read about the planning, raising…

Jesus and Judas - An unlikely friendship

Jesus and Judas – An Unlikely Friendship

  What exactly was the relationship between Jesus and Judas? Did Jesus merely tolerate Jesus or did He do much more? In this audio, Dr Daniel Thejus tells us how this unlikely friendship can teach us valuable lessons about love…

Irrefutable: Jesus’ Resurrection

Irrefutable: Jesus’ Resurrection

  If the resurrection is true and Jesus did indeed rise from the dead, then it changes everything. What is life, who is God and how do I look at life and death will all be radically redefined in the…

Disappointment and God Ravi Zacharias

Disappointment and God

by Ravi Zacharias I struggled as a teenager growing up in Delhi. Failure was writ large on my life. My dad basically looked at me and said, “You know, you’re going to be a huge embarrassment to the family—one failure…

Jesus the ultimate scapegoat

Jesus, the ultimate scapegoat

  I went to my psychiatrist to be psychoanalyzed To find out why I killed the cat and blacked my husband’s eyes. He laid me on a downy couch to see what he could find, And here is what he…

Cults Another Gospel

Cults: Another Gospel?

Cultic tendency within Christianity is not something new; it has been there since the first century, perhaps, because by nature, human beings have the tendency to deviate from the truth. The word ‘Cult’ is so loosely thrown around, particularly in…

Video Games Distort our Perception of Reality

Video Games Distort our Perception of Reality

Video games can blur the lines between the virtual world and the real world. Playing out one’s fantasies over and over again in the virtual world will inevitably bleed into the real world. In this talk, Jacob Cheriyan looks at…

Mum's the word

Mum’s The Word!

  By Lynette Johnson She was five months into her pregnancy when she was warned that she was at a high risk of losing her baby. On the doctor’s advice this young and brave mother, agreed to spend 24 hours…

sleep and slumber

Sleep and Slumber

  by Jill Carattini It is commendable that the city that never sleeps is at least taking naps. MetroNaps, a New York company that was founded in 2003 and tested at Carnegie Mellon University, provides a chance for over-worked employees,…

Questions & Answers

In this video, we look at some of the frequently asked questions which many of us grapple with. Does God really hear our prayers? How can I know God’s will for my life? Is it easy to have a father…

Starting Well

Starting Well

Why is it important to start well? What are some essential tools we need to start well? In this video, Neil Vimalkumar B. looks at some important aspects of starting well and a few tools we can use before we…

A Gentle Philosophy of Success

A Gentle Philosophy of Success

In the modern world, people are driven by the need to Succeed. How do we define a successful person? Does success lie only in the hands of an individual? Can a person be successful in all areas of life? These…

Where are the man like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo

Where are the Men?

They slayed it! And that, in style! 16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able…

A Cavern Evening

The (Other) Allegory of the Cave

The story of the twelve Thai boys in the cave, which gripped the attention and held the breath of the world for over a fortnight, has, thankfully, ended happily. One is quite aware that this real-life story, as all such…

Science and Religion RZIM India

Science and Religion, is there really a contradiction?

The world seems to be divided into a religious camp and a scientific camp. But is there really such a dichotomy? Do we have to choose one over the other or can it coexist well together? In this talk, Neil…

Learning to live with conviction

Learning to Live with Conviction

A couple of years ago, a bishop of Uganda while commenting about the nature of faith that his people, the Baganda, had, said, “If it came to it, I think the Baganda would be ready to die for Christ today:…

Pandita Ramabai

Emancipated to Emancipate – Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai was born in Karnataka at a time when the treatment of women in India was not very optimistic. However, Pandita Ramabai was fortunate enough to be born into a Brahmin home with a liberal outlook on women. Controversy…

A life well lived so that others may live well

A life well lived so that others may live well

  by Daniel Thejus (Bobby) What defines your life? Does profit, power or hunger define your character? Are your ambitions at the cost of others or do they help uplift others too? In this talk Daniel Bobby Thejus exposits the…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Machines Made In Our Own Image!

  by Biju George A professor of religion recently gave a very strange classroom assignment to his students. He told his students to ask Siri, the personal assistant in Apple devices, to pray for them and observe what happened. Siri…

Lessons from History, unlikely heroes

Lessons from History, Unlikely Heroes

  by Charles Premkumar Joseph The people who have made the greatest impact in the world are the people who have had the deepest convictions. People who have fought against all odds for what they believed in. In this talk…

Where can I find god

Where Can I Find God?

  by Neil VimalKumar B The Bible presents Jesus as not just the message from God, but as the message of God. We cannot find meaning and purpose in life from within ourselves, we need a greater vantage point. The…

Evil and Suffering in God's Good World

Evil and Suffering in God’s Good World

  by Dr Daniel Thejus (Bobby) Evil, the Price to be Free Suffering is when a bomb blast results in losing a limb and a family member. Suffering is when certain economic policies favour the rich and throw a bone…

Q and A Session Spiritual Journey and Discipline

Q&A Session on Spiritual Journey and Disciplines

  with Stuart McAllister, Abdu Murray and Ravi Zacharias How do we battle with the increasing pressures at the workplace and still keep our Christian faith? What is our role when God is silent? How do we build a strong…

Taking sides on suicide

Taking Sides on Suicide

  by Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa Suicide is the deliberate and voluntary taking of one’s own life. Suicide or attempted suicide is motivated by several factors. It may be in order to escape intense purposelessness or hopelessness. Despair, pain, guilt, fear…

Witness in Marketplace

Witness in Marketplace

  Musicians, politicians, lawyers and sport stars should not just leave their jobs because it gets to be difficult to demonstrate Christian ethics in their line of duty, says Ravi Zacharias during a Q & A at the South Asia…

Who is your true king review of bahubali 2

Who is your True king? A Review of Bahubali 2

  by Jacob Cheriyan The movie Bahubali 2 is not just an entertaining film but can help reveal profound insights about the human longing for a just and fair ruler. Many stories revolve around this theme. Who is a just…

Getting a glimpse of God

Getting a Glimpse of God

  By Charles Joseph In this video, Charles Joseph says kings will come and kings will go, leaders will come and go, but the King of Kings, will live forever. Anchoring his message in Isaiah 6, he states that a…

understanding lgbtq community

Understanding the LGBTQ Community: An attempt

  By Charles Joseph Understanding the complex nuances of the LGBTQ community is very important before we engage with the issue. Many times we can become very passionate about a cause without understanding the multiple layers of the argument. In…

Whom do we belong to?

Whom do we belong to?

by Neil Vimalkumar B How do we look at the person of Jesus Christ? Whom did He claim Himself to be? The answer to this question is of paramount importance. In this video, Neil Vimalkumar B says if Jesus is…

In the Pursuit of Truth

In the Pursuit of Truth

by Thomas Skaria In ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, an American biographical drama film based on the entrepreneur Chris Gardner, the protagonist (played by Will Smith) makes a living by selling bone-density scanners. Doctors wouldn’t buy those machines as they were…

Living the Grateful Life

Living the Grateful Life

by Jacob Cheriyan The mother looked sternly at 5-year-old Priya and said, “Priya, what are you supposed to say when someone gives you a gift?”, Priya looked right at the person who had just given her a beautifully wrapped present…

The Anatomy of Faith, Ravi Zacharias

The Anatomy of Faith, Running the Greatest Race of All

by Ravi Zacharias We are all running a race, but the greatest race that we can run is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other race in this world that compares to this. This is…

Making Social Media Useful (Again?)

Check what Social Media makes you think of yourself and others. If you are often upset or angry after interacting, reading posts, or begin hating yourself, or others, be sure something is wrong.

When Fetters Fall

Freedom is part and parcel of the good news of Jesus Christ: “For freedom Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1).

Romancing the divine

Romancing the Divine

Try Romancing the divine or at least freely indulging in his unceasing unquenchable love. This Romance was never intended to replace your love for your sweetheart.

Making melody for the Master

Making melody for the Master

by Augustine Paul  A thing of beauty is a joy forever, said the poet Keats. Music, you will agree, is one such tremendous blessing given to us by our Maker. Now music is an integral part of worship, be it in…

Is Faith in God Relevant in an Age of Science?

Is Faith in God Relevant in an Age of Science?

by Balajied Nongrum Many people today believe that life in the universe results from blind and random forces. They consider this a matter of scientific fact, and that belief in God is merely a matter of blind faith. Anglican theologian…

Time and Eternity

Time and Eternity

In this article, Neil Vimalkumar helps us get a fresh perspective of time and eternity. No matter what the future holds, there is hope for every one of us.

Corruption vs Contentment

Corruption vs Contentment

In this article, Tejdor Tiewsoh says the Gospel of Jesus Christ is neither a prosperity nor a poverty Gospel but it is a Gospel of Contentment.

How can an all-loving God send anyone to Hell?

If God was all loving and all powerful, could he not have made a world where all people go to heaven?

Journey into Shadow

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, the young hobbit, has been given the burden of bearing the one ring of power. It is a ring that has the potential to put all of Middle Earth under terror…

On Government - RZIM

On Government

by Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa Romans 13:1-7 is one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misused passages in the whole Bible. But read carefully, it can be mined for the ore vein of great biblical truths about “government”: its identity, its authority,…

Jesus and Judas - An Unlikely Friendship

Jesus and Judas – An Unlikely Friendship

What exactly was the relationship between Jesus and Judas? Did Jesus merely tolerate Judas or did He do much more?

Key Voting Principles

Voting Principles 101 In Ancient India, the practice of choosing a life partner among a list of suitors by a girl of marriageable age was – the Swayamvara. In Sanskrit, ‘Swayam’ translates as ‘Own’ and ‘Vara’ as ‘Boon’ or ‘Choice’.…

Beyond the Grave

Beyond the Grave

We wrestle with many fears on a daily basis: rejection, loneliness, ridicule, failure. However, for most of us, the greatest fear we face is death. What will happen when I die? What awaits me? Will it be good or bad,…

The Sting of Death Strikes Sri Lanka Again

by Charles Premkumar Joseph Cinnamon Grand it was! My colleague and I were hosted by a loving young Sri Lankan couple with their cricket loving lad (who doted on Dhoni) for a late night dinner in Colombo last month. Conversations,…

Boredom & the Meaning of Life - Article

Boredom and the Meaning of Life

Daniel Thejus (Bobby) says, we are bored with everything under the sun. We are even bored with relationships, work and religion. Learn more.

Biblical Sexuality vis-a-vis Hookup culture - Article

Biblical sexuality vis-a-vis Hookup culture

  The slogan of today’s culture can be reduced to just six single syllable words, ‘if it feels good, do it’. Peter Singer of Princeton University once said, “Sex raises no unique moral issues at all…Decisions about sex may involve…

The Challenge of Affluence - Article

The Challenge of Affluence

By Max Jeganathan In one of his lesser known works – ‘How much land does a man need?’ – Leo Tolstoy writes of a Russian peasant farmer named Pahom. Pahom hears of some landowners – the Bashkirs – whom he…

What Next? - Video Interview

What Next?

Watch Jaden Johnson, a school student, as he asks some insightful questions to Mr. G. J. Manohar, Principal and Correspondent of Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School, Chennai. Mr Manohar is an award-winning teacher and Principal.

From Father to Fathers - Article

From Father to Fathers

  Yesterday, May 12,  was Mothers’ Day. Social media was flooded with updates on how wonderful mothers are; newspapers carried articles on the indispensability of mothers and motherhood; church services were all about how good and wonderful mothers are. In…

Beyond the Boundaries of Science - Article

Beyond the Boundaries of Science

  by Dr. Latha Christie In today’s post-modern culture of smart-phones and GPS, the millennials struggle with a major shift in thinking—questioning truth claims and denying absolute truth. Amidst this culture, the ultimate questions in life still linger: Where did…

Business Ethics on Oxymoron - Article

Business Ethics – An Oxymoron?

  by Nathan Andrews Writing 740 years before Christ, the prophet Isaiah called out the people of his time saying ‘your coins are all counterfeits, your wine watered down’, referring to their cheating and misrepresentation in the marketplace. Amos, Isaiah’s…

The Substance of Fame and Glory

The Substance of Fame and Glory

Years ago, a young man at a Bible college tentatively asked: ‘Doesn’t it seem odd that God would desire the praises of His people? Is God attention-starved?’ ‘That seems like a fair objection,’ I countered gently: ‘but what if God…

Frogiveness, Politics and Critical Appraisal

[Book Abstract] Forgiveness and Politics: A Critical Appraisal

Forgiveness and politics are often assumed, both ordinarily and academically, to be unrelated and un-relatable. There is, however, an increasing body of literature from various disciplines challenging that assumption, and arguing for the role and rationale of forgiveness in politics.…

friendship-day RZIM India Blog

Friendship Day

In his survey of the most popular and enduring TV series of recent times, Sydney-based writer, Nathan Jolly 1 found that the famous American sitcom Friends which is built around six friends who are always there, with and for each…

Three Cheers to Freedom & Secularism

Three cheers to Freedom and Secularism

by Tikicus Polepaka On the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day of our country, let us take a fresh look at the concepts of freedom and secularism. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru it was who by his unflinching efforts established and practised…

How do we approach work?

How do we approach work?

by Dr. Rajkumar Songa Dr. Rajkumar Songa is the founder-CEO of the Hyderabad-based Centre for Migration Medicine, which is a visa medical screening centre authorised and overseen by public health and immigration departments of USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New…

The Grand Mystery Of Forgiveness

The Grand Mystery Of Forgiveness

by Immanuel Ebbie Francis Is Jesus really being practical? Can His teachings be trusted with life and with its consequent practice? Is He downright apathetic to existential case points, by generalizing them with saintly ease without taking into consideration case-specific…

Jesus, a great teacher?

The ABCD of transforming society A story is told of Dr Radhakrishnan, after whose birthday we celebrate ‘Teacher’s day’. On one occasion this one time President of our country during his years as a philosophy professor was teaching a class…

Lessons from the Great Teacher

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Can Prayer Alter God's Plan?

Can Prayer Alter God’s Plan?

The question the title of this post poses is one of the more difficult questions regarding the mystery of prayer. While there can be no completely satisfactory answer to the question, there can still be adequately satisfactory answers to it.…

Is the Bible a Science Stopper?

Is the Bible a Science Stopper?

When it comes to the relationship between the Bible and Science, many people today as well as modern academicians, seem to be of the opinion that Bible and Science are sworn enemies. Perhaps one reason is that Science as an…

The Influence of Christ on Mahatma Gandhi

The Influence of Christ on Mahatma Gandhi

“The Sermon on the Mount had a deep impact on Mahatma Gandhi. Verses such as ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart’, ‘Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the…

Why do people give up on Christianity?

Has God Become Irrelevant?

The question, has God become Irrelevant? is like Sherlock asking Watson if Arthur Conan Doyle has become irrelevant. Of course, if Doyle has become irrelevant then Sherlock too will inevitably become irrelevant. In that case, if God becomes irrelevant humans…

Why Does God Become Silent At Times?

Have you struggled with the question why does God become silent when you need him the most? Here is an answer by Ravi Zacharias.
The Festival of Lights and the Dark Night of the Soul

The Festival of Lights and the Dark Night of the Soul

The sounds and the lights declare a hidden hope in every heart for prosperity, blessing and the destruction of evil. Read Neil Vimalkumar’s article on ‘The Festival of Lights and the Dark Night of the Soul’

Disappointed with God?

Disappointed with God?

Prev 1 of 1 Next Disappointed with God? | Q & A | Ravi Zacharias Is there meaning and purpose in life without God? Can we as human beings come up with our own meaning and cut God out of…
When Hope Seemed Hopeless

When Hope Seemed Hopeless

You are beautiful, you are strong and you are worthy – A captivating story shared by Rachel Davis, Operations Manager and Senior Project Analyst for Wellspring International, RZIM. The stories of Usha, a burns survivor and Dr Prema, co-founder of…

Holding on to Absolutes in a Postmodern World

Holding on to Absolutes in a Postmodern World

In the world we live in, we rarely see people seeking the truth. Most people are concerned more about their feelings about a particular issue rather than objective facts about the issue. In this talk, Sam Raju focuses on the…

Joker Image

Joker and our deep desire for recognition

In the movie Joker, Jacob notes the theme of recognition running through the entire plot of the movie. The innate need in each one of us to be seen, heard and loved.

In a Rape Infested Culture, Men Should Die!

India is a strange contradiction. On the one hand we worship goddesses, our mothers are treasured, and our nation is personified as feminine. While on the other hand, girls are either killed at birth or aborted.

The Story of All Stories

Stories allow us easy access to truth. They are able to tell us the most profound truths in a relevant and appealing way. The Christmas story points to the truth about God who transcends the space-time universe coming down for…

A New Year’s Postcard to the Virtual World

A New Year’s Postcard to the Virtual World

Dear Virtual World: If 2019 is anything to go by, 2020 will be chaotic, confusing, cloudy, corrupt, contemptuous, crooked, crowded, chancy, challenging, callous, and cruel. And that is just the letter “C.” The question is: How do we resolve and…

A Mysterious Safety

A Mysterious Safety

Someone told me recently that he wondered if humans only truly ever pray when we are in the midst of despair. Despite creed or confession, is it only when we have no other excuses to offer, no other comfort to…

Emancipated to Emancipate- The life of Pandita Ramabai

Emancipated to Emancipate- The life of Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai was born at a time when the treatment of women was not optimistic. After a period of contemplation, and a series of events, Ramabai eventually decided to take the plunge and accept Christ. On the occasion of the…

The Power and Pull of Stories

The Power and Pull of Stories

We all seem to enjoy and thrive on stories. The deepest convictions of our heart are often formed by stories and reside there in the images and emotions of a story. It’s no wonder Jesus used parables and stories to…

Finding love in a hookup culture

Finding Love In A Hookup Culture

Tinder, Bumble, Scruff, Happn and so the list of online dating apps goes on. Tall, short, fair, dark, young, middle age, the apps seem to give out a wide variety of choices. All one needs to do is swipe right…

How To Develop A Listening Heart?

Lessons from the movie, ‘The Two Popes’ The movie ‘The Two Popes’ focuses on the interaction between Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) and Bergoglio who later becomes Pope Francis. The interaction takes place around the time that Pope Benedict the…

The search for better performance

The Search for Better Performance

Apart from strategy, culture and environment, one of the most important things that anchors us is our character. It is our character that defines who we are and finally the output that we produce. The Gospel of Jesus Christ provides…

You are unique, don’t give in to peer pressure

Lessons for Life

Vimalkumar in this article, Lessons for Life, highlights how vital it is we do not imitate people for, in the process, we fail to do justice to the call in our own lives. He explains how important it is for…

Living in the midst of COVID

Living In the midst of COVID

Listen to Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa’s audio message on three ways we can cope in the midst of COVID-19.

Questions On Suffering, Answers Of Hope

A common refrain in the wake of suffering or natural calamity is Where is God?. In this interview with Lynette Johnson, Neil Vimalkumar says it’s because Man has failed in his responsibility. God can well turn around and ask of…

The Corona Collateral Damage

The Corona Collateral Damage

Glued to the gadget, are you corona -bingeing? Check out in which category you fall into as Charles P. Joseph presents a witty take on the non-stop flood of info bytes on social media

Faith, not fear, amid Covid

Faith, not fear, amid Covid

In dark times like this, how can you and I be a light in this world? RZIM itinerant Tejdor Tiewsoh gives tips.

What do you want...to give up

What Do You Want…to Give Up?

Even as the season of Lent draws to a close, Neil Vimalkumar invites us to take our prayer life seriously. Expounding from Luke 18, he asks if our persistent prayer is to do with God’s kingdom or only private need?

Timeout To Reset Life-Goals

Timeout To Reset Life-Goals

During this trying stay-at-home time, maybe we should take stock of our lives and do course correction, if need be, wonders Neil Vimalkumar, RZIM itinerant.

Candle In The Dark

Candle In The Dark

Holding out a candle light to affirm solidarity against the darkness brought by coronavirus is symbolic of hope and change. Or is it more? There is a spirituality that is hard to divorce from culture. And that may not be…

The Last Words Of A Dying Man

The Last Words Of A Dying Man

The death of Jesus Christ on a Roman cross two thousand years ago continues to inspire people irrespective of their religious persuasions. It might be said without exaggeration that more than mere inspiration, many have found the cross to be…

Christ is Risen

Evidence that Jesus rose from the dead is overwhelming. Mary was not the only one who had a personal encounter with the risen Lord. In this video, Christ is Risen, Sam Raju lists the multiple appearances of the risen Jesus…

FAQ’s on

FAQ’s on Psychological Health and Christians

The question of mental health is a very pertinent one. The world is becoming more aware of the effects of mental health for the wellbeing of a person. Where does the Christian stand on this debate? What is the right…

The Divine Hiddenness of God

Max Jeganathan in his talks says many times, we might not see God’s work very visibly. He might seem distant from us. But God is always loving and caring for us. His footprints can always be seen.

Liquor & Lockdown - RZIM

Liquor & Lockdown

With the staggered lifting of the lockdown, there seems to be a spirit of celebration (pun intended) with the resumption of sale at liquor shops across different states. The queues at these outlets and the massive turnover were very noticeable.

Understanding Your Calling

A calling is something that God places on a person. God equips the person and gives him the necessary tools. He might bend him but will not break him says Ravi Zacharias in his talk, understanding you Calling

Ravi Zacharias, Now with Jesus

On January 4, my dad recited a stanza from this hymn from the late Richard Baxter (1615-1691):  “Lord, it belongs not to my care Whether I die or live; To love and serve Thee is my share, And this Thy…

Obituary: Ravi Zacharias

When Ravi Zacharias was a cricket-loving boy on the streets of India, his mother called him in to meet the local sari-seller-turned-palm reader. “Looking at your future, Ravi Baba, you will not travel far or very much in your life,”…

Ravi Zacharias: A Kingdom Stalwart

Celebrating the Life of Ravi Zacharias | Shanthi Thomas – Chairperson | RZIM India He was India’s gift to the world. Ravi Zacharias introduced apologetics to the Church in India like no other and impacted a generation and more for…

Understanding Your Calling – Part II

“Prayer is not trying to change the will of God but a process of allowing God to condition our heart so that we align ourselves to His will,” says Ravi Zacharias in the second part of his talk, Understanding your…

Understanding Your Calling – Running From God, Running To God – Part 1

A job is something that you choose. A calling is something for which you are chosen, says Ravi Zacharias in his talk, Understanding your Calling – Part 3. The calling of a pastor is very high. It is not the…

Understanding Your Calling – Running From God, Running To God – Part 2

The greatest pleasure of an evangelist is to talk about the grace of God to other people. We should not just be people who talk about it, but people who live the grace of God in all that we do.…

Shalini Manohar – COO | Reminiscing about Ravi – Tributes from the India Team

Shalini Manohar, COO, RZIM, encapsulates the hallmark traits and incomparable virtues of Ravi Zacharias into an acronym, GPS.

Nathan Andrews, Vice-Chairman, RZIM LFS Board | Reminiscing about Ravi: Tributes from the India Team

Nathan Andrews, Vice-chairman, RZIM LFS board, goes down nostalgia lane as he pays tribute to Ravi Zacharias.

Thomas Skaria, Senior Operations Manager, RZIM | Reminiscing about Ravi: Tributes from India Team

Thomas Skaria, Senior Operations Manager, RZIM, brings alive Ravi-ji’s penchant for fun, food and fellowship.

Calvin & Daughters | Reminiscing about Ravi – Tributes from the India Team | RZIM India

Calvin, a well-wisher of RZIM, along with his young daughters, salutes Ravi Zacharias, much acclaimed for his quotable quotes. #ReminiscingAboutRavi #RaviZacharias #RZIMIndia

Atheism, Grief & God | Sam Raju & Dr JP Moreland | Conversations That Count FULL VIDEO | RZIM India

Watch the new series as RZIM Speakers direct the spotlight on issues relevant to our faith and hence on to our lives, by dialoguing with experts and scholars. We begin the series with Sam Raju, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM India,…

Neil Vimalkumar, Speaker & Trainer | Reminiscing about Ravi – Tributes from India Team | RZIM India

Neil Vimalkumar, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, recalls Ravi Zacharias as a person-oriented minister, a true-blue evangelist and a great man of God unrivalled in responding to questions on the Gospel. #RZIMIndia #RaviZacharias #ReminiscingAboutRavi

What is Really Real? – Part 1

What is real out there? What’s ultimately real? Ravi Zacharias, in his address at the RZIM National Conference held in Kolkata in January 2000, offers you a special brand of lens to look at what’s real and what really matters.

What is Really Real? - Part 2

What is Really Real? – Part 2 | Ravi Zacharias

What is real out there? What’s ultimately real? The yearning of the human heart goes beyond the stomach. Ravi Zacharias, in his address at the RZIM National Conference held in Kolkata in January 2000, shows the way to move away…

Tejdor Tiewsoh, Speaker & Trainer, RZIM India | Reminiscing About Ravi – Tributes from India Team

Tejdor Tiewsoh, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM India, pays tribute to Ravi Zacharias, his leader, mentor and hero of faith – for Raviji’s undiminished love for his Saviour till the very end and his unswerving commitment and devotion to his family.

Empathetic Education, Empathetic Indians

Reports of police killing civilians, public pelting stones at doctors, ending rent contracts, and other heartless acts sadly reflect the lack of empathy on our part as Indians. I wondered where the fault might lay and various cultural and religious…

Treasured Memories… of Ravi Zacharias

It was such a great privilege for me to become a part of RZIM Life Focus Society in the year 1993 and so got to get introduced to our Founder, Ravi Zacharias, during our First National Conference in 1994 in…

Jacob Cheriyan | Speaker & Trainer, RZIM India | Reminiscing About Ravi – Tributes from India Team

Jacob Cherian pays homage to Ravi Zacharias with a quick overview of Ravi’s book, Jesus Among Secular Gods, and highlights how Truth and Love are interwoven. Jacob recalls, “Ravi Zacharias spent his entire life teaching the truth embodied in the…

Aniu Reminiscing About Ravi Zacharias

Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, salutes Ravi Zacharias for using apologetics not to win arguments, but to win people over to Christ. Ravi Zacharias’s entire body of work, both written and spoken, pointed to the ultimate Sophia in…

Sam Raju, Speaker and Trainer RZIM India | Reminiscing About Ravi – Tributes from the India Team

At a time when reason took a back seat in our public debates, morality was questioned and truth relativized, Ravi Zacharias stood up and took the challenge head-on. He spoke fearlessly and eloquently of the truth and credibility of the…

Science, Faith & COVID 19 – Part 1 | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations that Count 2

This season in “Conversations that Count” Dr Balajied Nongrum, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, interviews Dr Fazale Rana, Vice-President, Research & Apologetics, Reasons to Believe. Don’t miss Dr Rana’s answer to the question “What role does faith play in the battle…

Science, Faith & COVID 19 – Part 2 | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations that Count 2

Question: Are Religion and Science sworn enemies? Dr Fazale Rana expounds the truth with clarity in today’s “Science, Faith & COVID 19″, during an interview with Dr Balajied Nongrum. To learn more, continue watching Conversations that Count.

Impacting a Generation – My Personal Reflections in Honour of Ravi Zacharias

In our lifetime, we meet many different people. Some of them leave a lasting impression but very few leave an impact. Ravi not only impacted a few, but a whole generation for Jesus Christ. In India, Ravi popularised apologetics and…

Science, Faith & COVID 19 – Part 3 | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations that Count 2

Dr Fazale Rana elucidates the role the Bible played in giving birth to Science. Watch the interview of Dr Fazale Rana and Dr Balajied Nongrum at “Science, Faith & COVID 19”.

Why Would a Good God Create Viruses & Bacteria? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

Dr Fazale Rana answers an important question, “Why would a good God create viruses & bacteria or disease-causing viruses at all?” Watch the interview of Dr Balajied Nongrum and Dr Fazale Rana at Science, Faith & COVID 19.

Is This Pandemic God’s Judgement Upon Humankind? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

Dr Fazale Rana responds to questions raised by many during this pandemic, “Where is God in the midst of this pandemic?” Or worse still, “Is this God’s judgement upon humankind?” Watch his interview with Dr Balajied Nongrum at Science, Faith…

Did God Allow This Pandemic to Show His Majesty? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

Question: Does God allow pandemics like this only to show his majesty? Does he have to kill lakhs of people?  In today’s “Science, Faith & COVID 19” Dr Fazale Rana answers why God has allowed this pandemic.

What is Man’s Connect to the Physical World? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

“What is man’s connect to the physical world?” Watch Dr Fazale Rana respond to Dr Balajied Nongrum’s question in the series, Science, Faith & COVID 19.

What is the Message of the Bible to a Hurting World? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

The world resounds with opinions on human suffering by people from different world views. In “Science, Faith & COVID-19” Dr Fazale Rana shares the Biblical message with a world reeling under this pandemic.

Science, Faith & Covid 19 Full Video | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations That Count 2

This season in “Conversations that Count” watch Dr Balajied Nongrum, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, interview Dr Fazale Rana, Vice-President, Research & Apologetics, Reasons to Believe in the series, ‘Science, Faith & COVID 19’.

Pursuit of Justice

Pursuit of Justice

Balajied Nongrum dissects Justice that is prevalent in the society today and finds that a moral order does exist. This implies that a law-giver exists and just like Diogenes, we must position our lamps heaven-ward where the Just One dwells.

Just a Thought Away - Learning to live with conviction

Learning to Live with Conviction

Balajied Nongrum says that living out a Christian life is not easy and is a project of a life time. Learning to live our life with biblical conviction is relational and not just a personal affair.

Dr. Balajied Nongrum RZIM India

Dr. Balajied Nongrum is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science from the Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad. Having completed his MA in Philosophy & Religion, he went on to pursue a Master’s in Science and Religion from Biola University, US. He has spoken widely and addressed subjects such as ethics, philosophy, culture, science, and religion. When sharing the love of Christ, his efforts have always been undergirded by apologetics while speaking in schools, colleges, universities and on the radio. For Balajied, defending his faith and talking on the uniqueness of Christ are some of his passions. He has had the privilege of speaking at the All India Medical Institute of Sciences (AIIMS), National Institute of Technology (NIT), North Eastern Hills University (NEHU), North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology (NERIST) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER).

Balajied, his wife Coniefer and his young son, Jedidiah, make their home in the beautiful hill station of Shillong, India.


The following are some of the popular topics addressed by Balajied (please note that these topics are not exhaustive):

  • The Battle Origin: Creation or Evolution
  • The Pursuit of Justice
  • Science and the Relevance of God
  • The Matrix of Life
  • Contending for the Faith

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