Tejdor Tiewsoh

Tejdor Tiewsoh

Hope: God Has Stepped In

Tejdor Tiewsoh says that Covid-19 reminds us that we live in a flawed world that is in desperate need of…

Faith in the Midst of Crisis

Tejdor Tiewsoh analyses the current Covid-19 crisis that exposes human limitations, a fallen world that is broken, and a recognition…

Just a Thought Away -The divine exchange

The divine exchange

Tejdor Tiewsoh talks about the divine substitute, i.e. Jesus, who took our place on the cross. The Bible reminds us…

Faith, not fear, amid Covid

Faith, not fear, amid Covid

In dark times like this, how can you and I be a light in this world? RZIM itinerant Tejdor Tiewsoh…

friendship-day RZIM India Blog

Friendship Day

In his survey of the most popular and enduring TV series of recent times, Sydney-based writer, Nathan Jolly 1 found…

Corruption vs Contentment

Corruption vs Contentment

In this article, Tejdor Tiewsoh says the Gospel of Jesus Christ is neither a prosperity nor a poverty Gospel but…

Cults Another Gospel

Cults: Another Gospel?

Cultic tendency within Christianity is not something new; it has been there since the first century, perhaps, because by nature,…

Generous Giving

Generous Giving, A Way of Life

  Christian giving is  given a lot of importance in the New Testament. Apostle Paul saw the grace of giving…

tea plantation

Beyond the Visible

Winters, in the north-eastern part of India, especially Shillong where I live, can be bitingly cold, and more so when…

Call to be nation builders

Called to be Nation Builders

  The Bible says that we are called to be salt and light in the world. In this talk, Tejdor…

Human beings are created in the image of God

Human Beings Just Like Us

  The 12th of January 2012 saw an India deeply shocked and embarrassed by a certain footage released by the…

True Spirituality

Taken from Slice of Infinity. http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/true-spirituality/ Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. Not long ago, Chandrababu…

You Are What You Possess

Taken from Slice of Infinity. http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/you-are-what-you-possess-2/ Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. A shocking story appeared…

Three Secrets to Engaging with Culture

Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. The 21st century, more than any other century, perhaps,…

RCCA Classroom Tejdor Tiewsoh

Tejdor Tiewsoh holds a science degree from the prestigious St. Anthony’s College, Shillong, and went on to pursue his bachelor’s degree in divinity from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. He completed a short-term course on Christian mission in Malaysia, a three-month course on Biblical expository preaching at All Nations Christian College, UK, and a three-week course on Christian apologetics at the Academy of Apologetics, Chennai. Tejdor worked with the Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI) for eight years and served as its Regional Secretary, overseeing the North Eastern Region comprising of eight states for six years.

Tejdor’s heart has always been for an in-depth study of the Word of God and its relevance in contemporary settings. Currently he serves as Speaker and Trainer with RZIM India, taking part in speaking engagements with academia, corporate, youth groups, and churches across India. Tejdor is a regular contributor to the quarterly magazine Engage, as well as A Slice of Infinity. He has had the privilege of addressing various institutions and universities including Rajiv Gandhi University, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, National Institute of Technology (NIT), and Guwahati University on topics such as “Beyond Opinion,” “True Spirituality,” “Can Man Live Without God?” “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Who Am I? The Question of Identity,” and “The Problem of Pleasure.”

Tejdor resides with his wife, Gayreen, in Shillong, India.


The following are some of the popular topics addressed by Tejdor (please note that these topics are not exhaustive):

  • Beyond Opinion
  • True Spirituality
  • The Problem of Pleasure
  • Can Man Live Without God?
  • Reason & Revelation

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