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God’s Love Archives - RZIM India
How can an all-loving God send anyone to Hell?

If God was all loving and all powerful, could he not have made a world where all people go to heaven?

Romancing the Divine

Try Romancing the divine or at least freely indulging in his unceasing unquenchable love. This Romance was never intended to replace your love for your sweetheart.

Social Media and The Quest for Identity

  The Episode ‘Nosedive’ from the series Black mirror shows us a dystopian world where everything is governed by a person’s ratings on social media. In this world social media ratings have become the basic currency. A person’s salary, housing,…

The Forgotten Heartbeat

  by Abhishek Shibu It’s a cold February morning as I get ready for yet another day in the lab.  Open the door; a step outside; deep breath and it hits me, ‘Love is in the air’; or maybe it’s…

The Discipline of Prayer

  Prayer is relational. The primary purpose of prayer is not to make God do what we want him to,  but rather it is to build an intimate relationship with Him. Oswald Chambers says that the point of prayer is…

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