Boredom and the Meaning of Life

Daniel Thejus (Bobby) says, we are bored with everything under the sun. We are even bored with relationships, work and religion. Learn more.

Getting a Glimpse of God

  By Charles Joseph In this video, Charles Joseph says kings will come and kings will go, leaders will come and go, but the King of Kings, will live forever. Anchoring his message in Isaiah 6, he states that a…

And The Two Shall Be… Equal

  Ravi Zacharias answers the question Are men greater than women? during a Q & A on May 1,2015. We, both men and women, are equal in the eyes of God. Nobody is better than anybody else, so we dare…

A Man For All Seasons

  (From Ravi Zacharias’ talk given at the Executive Summer School in Mumbai on March 12,2016.) In this video Ravi Zacharias takes us through the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis. He shows how Joseph was grounded in…

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