RZIM Centre For Christian Apologetics

RCCA Online Certificate Course in Christian Apologetics

February 1-19, 2021
6 PM to 9 PM (Monday to Friday)

About the Course

The RCCA online certificate is a three-week course that will enable the delegates to be a better evangelist through apologetics in their respective spheres of influence. The course will provide the delegates with a broad overview of the important topics in Evangelism and Apologetics and help sharpen their thinking and their ability to express crucial ideas.

Since 2008 more than 1000 delegates both from India and abroad have graduated from RCCA and this is the first time that this course will be offered completely online.

Learning Methods

–       Engaging Discussions and Lectures
–       Open Q&A Sessions
–       Personal Mentoring
–       A Mentored Assignment of the Delegates Choice

Distinctive Features

– One-on-One Mentorship
– Blend of Apologetics & Spiritual Disciplines
– Tools to Develop a Christian Worldview
– Participatory Learning

Course Curriculum

RCCA Training includes a core curriculum with subjects ranging from Critical Thinking, Christian Philosophy, Worldviews, Bible and Theology, Spiritual Disciplines, and Conversational Apologetics. The course offers four electives – Christian Theology and Apologetics, Eastern Religions, Contemporary Issues and Scientific Apologetics. The delegates can choose one of the four electives which will give the delegate an in-depth knowledge of that particular subject. It also provides them with the opportunity to showcase their understanding through an assignment of their choice. (We hope to have an equal number in each of the electives but if many delegates choose one particular elective, then an alternative choice will be given to a few. But we hope to give each delegate their first preference as much as possible.)

Course Duration

  • The RCCA online certificate course is for a total duration of three weeks (Monday to Friday of each week).
  • The first seven days will help establish a strong base of all the important topics of apologetics. These will be combined sessions with all the delegates for a duration of three hours each day.
  • The next three days will comprise of specialized electives, where the delegates are divided into smaller groups. These electives will enable the delegates to have an in-depth grasp of one particular area of apologetics.
  • In the final five days, the delegates are expected to do an assignment from their respective electives. Using the help of their mentor, they are required to engage with a particular topic and present it to the mentor in written form, video, audio, or any other creative way of expression.

Format: 3 Hours a day – 5 days a week (Mon to Fri) – 3 weeks
Course fee: Rs. 10,000/- for Indian Participants & $200 for International Participants

On selection, you will be intimated about the payment details.

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Online Certificate Course In Christian Apologetics

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