City Lights Podcast Series by Jacob Cheriyan

City Lights is a new podcast series by Jacob Cheriyan where he zeroes in on the different aspects of popular culture and their implications in our lives.

‘Here is My Criteria- Tall, Beautiful, Good Family…’ – A Take on Indian Matchmaking

What really makes for a good marriage? In the show, many candidates seem to think that their ‘criteria’ will bring them their perfect match. But this assumption can be challenged.

These Youngsters have no Patience

“These youngsters have no patience,” said Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on the row between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot. In this podcast, Jacob looks into the recurring conflicts between the young and the old and some helpful principles the Bible…

Can our Anger bring Justice to Jeyaraj and Bennix?

True Justice might require us to step back from our immediate impulsive anger towards something higher.

A Legacy Etched In Our Minds – A Tribute To Ravi Zacharias

It’s hard to find a Christian who hasn’t in some way been touched by Ravi’s life and message. In this podcast, I look into the profound impact he had on my life based on our brief encounters. 

“I want to entertain people, but with some substance” Thoughts from the Life and Work of Irrfan Khan

The Death of the actor Irrfan Khan has touched a deep chord in the life of many around the world. In this podcast, we will be looking at what Irrfan Khan’s movie choices can teach us as audiences.

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