Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby)

Daniel Thejus (Bobby)
Just a Thought Away - Called to live out truth

Called to live out truth

Daniel (Bobby) Thejus highlights the beautiful personification of truth and lie. We are called to be “In” truth which means we are not acting but living it out. When Christ is in us, His truth will test and discern the…

Just a Thought Away - Finding Hope

Finding Hope

Daniel (Bobby) Thejus says that we need hope, but where do we find hope? The answer is in the Bible and suggests three things by which we can find hope -Scripture, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Arise and Shine

Daniel (Bobby) Thejus urges us to arise and let our light shine. For, far too long, some of us have been hiding our light, may be due to hostility . But the resurrection of Jesus changes the outcome of death…

Just a Thought Away - Sow light and reap fruit of joy

Sow Light and Reap Fruit of Joy

Daniel (Bobby) Thejus recounts a real life incident and urges us to sow light and receive the fruit of the joy of Christ.

Just a Thought Away - Seek Him in the light

Seek Him in the Light

Daniel (Bobby) Thejus says that if we sincerely search for God we will realise that it was God working in us. Are we ready to meet him and accept him?

Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) RZIM India

Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) is a Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. After completing his undergraduate course in Economics, Politics and Sociology, heeding the advice of a Jesuit novice, he completed his Masters in Philosophy with a gold medal from Madras Christian College. His passion to understand the times led him to do a Ph. D. from Madras University. His research focused on Amartya Sen’s idea of Justice, Identity and Democracy. Apart from his research interests, he is interested in speaking about and discussing Jesus. Bobby enjoys interacting with people in any setting. He has made contributions at the academic and popular levels. His interests range from Popular Culture to Philosophies. This is his second innings in RZIM after an engaging 5 year stint at Hebron School.

Bobby is married to Ruhamah and they live with their two young children in Bangalore.


The following are some of the popular topics addressed by Bobby (please note that these topics are not exhaustive):

  • Contemporary Issues and Challenges
  • Indian Religions and Philosophy
  • Ethical Concepts and Dilemmas
  • The Gospel and Identity
  • Christian Pleasures
  • Restorative Justice and Capability

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