FAQ’s on Psychological Health and Christians

The question of mental health is a very pertinent one. The world is becoming more aware of the effects of mental health for the wellbeing of a person. Where does the Christian stand on this debate? What is the right…

The Search for Better Performance

Apart from strategy, culture and environment, one of the most important things that anchors us is our character. It is our character that defines who we are and finally the output that we produce. The Gospel of Jesus Christ provides…

Joker and our deep desire for recognition

In the movie Joker, Jacob notes the theme of recognition running through the entire plot of the movie. The innate need in each one of us to be seen, heard and loved.

The Festival of Lights and the Dark Night of the Soul

The sounds and the lights declare a hidden hope in every heart for prosperity, blessing and the destruction of evil. Read Neil Vimalkumar’s article on ‘The Festival of Lights and the Dark Night of the Soul’

Tejdor Tiewsoh is Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. The 21st century, more than any other century, perhaps, is characterised by one word – redefine. Core issues and values of life such as truth, relationships, marriage, meaning, reason,…

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