Science, Faith & Covid 19 Full Video | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations That Count 2

This season in “Conversations that Count” watch Dr Balajied Nongrum, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, interview Dr Fazale Rana, Vice-President, Research & Apologetics, Reasons to Believe in the series, ‘Science, Faith & COVID 19’.

What is the Message of the Bible to a Hurting World? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

The world resounds with opinions on human suffering by people from different world views. In “Science, Faith & COVID-19” Dr Fazale Rana shares the Biblical message with a world reeling under this pandemic.

What is Man’s Connect to the Physical World? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

“What is man’s connect to the physical world?” Watch Dr Fazale Rana respond to Dr Balajied Nongrum’s question in the series, Science, Faith & COVID 19.

Did God Allow This Pandemic to Show His Majesty? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

Question: Does God allow pandemics like this only to show his majesty? Does he have to kill lakhs of people?  In today’s “Science, Faith & COVID 19” Dr Fazale Rana answers why God has allowed this pandemic.

Is This Pandemic God’s Judgement Upon Humankind? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

Dr Fazale Rana responds to questions raised by many during this pandemic, “Where is God in the midst of this pandemic?” Or worse still, “Is this God’s judgement upon humankind?” Watch his interview with Dr Balajied Nongrum at Science, Faith…

Why Would a Good God Create Viruses & Bacteria? | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | CTC 2

Dr Fazale Rana answers an important question, “Why would a good God create viruses & bacteria or disease-causing viruses at all?” Watch the interview of Dr Balajied Nongrum and Dr Fazale Rana at Science, Faith & COVID 19.

Science, Faith & COVID 19 – Part 3 | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations that Count 2

Dr Fazale Rana elucidates the role the Bible played in giving birth to Science. Watch the interview of Dr Fazale Rana and Dr Balajied Nongrum at “Science, Faith & COVID 19”.

Impacting a Generation – My Personal Reflections in Honour of Ravi Zacharias

In our lifetime, we meet many different people. Some of them leave a lasting impression but very few leave an impact. Ravi not only impacted a few, but a whole generation for Jesus Christ. In India, Ravi popularised apologetics and…

Science, Faith & COVID 19 – Part 2 | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations that Count 2

Question: Are Religion and Science sworn enemies? Dr Fazale Rana expounds the truth with clarity in today’s “Science, Faith & COVID 19″, during an interview with Dr Balajied Nongrum. To learn more, continue watching Conversations that Count.

Science, Faith & COVID 19 – Part 1 | Dr Balajied & Dr Fazale Rana | Conversations that Count 2

This season in “Conversations that Count” Dr Balajied Nongrum, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, interviews Dr Fazale Rana, Vice-President, Research & Apologetics, Reasons to Believe. Don’t miss Dr Rana’s answer to the question “What role does faith play in the battle…

Sam Raju, Speaker and Trainer RZIM India | Reminiscing About Ravi – Tributes from the India Team

At a time when reason took a back seat in our public debates, morality was questioned and truth relativized, Ravi Zacharias stood up and took the challenge head-on. He spoke fearlessly and eloquently of the truth and credibility of the…

Aniu Reminiscing About Ravi Zacharias

document.createElement('audio'); https://www.rzimindia.in/podcast-player/35724/aniu-reminiscing-about-ravi-zacharias.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 5:17Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, salutes Ravi Zacharias for using apologetics not to win arguments, but to win people over to Christ. Ravi Zacharias’s entire body of work, both written and spoken, pointed to the ultimate Sophia in…

Jacob Cheriyan | Speaker & Trainer, RZIM India | Reminiscing About Ravi – Tributes from India Team

Jacob Cherian pays homage to Ravi Zacharias with a quick overview of Ravi’s book, Jesus Among Secular Gods, and highlights how Truth and Love are interwoven. Jacob recalls, “Ravi Zacharias spent his entire life teaching the truth embodied in the…

Treasured Memories… of Ravi Zacharias

It was such a great privilege for me to become a part of RZIM Life Focus Society in the year 1993 and so got to get introduced to our Founder, Ravi Zacharias, during our First National Conference in 1994 in…

Empathetic Education, Empathetic Indians

Reports of police killing civilians, public pelting stones at doctors, ending rent contracts, and other heartless acts sadly reflect the lack of empathy on our part as Indians. I wondered where the fault might lay and various cultural and religious…

Tejdor Tiewsoh, Speaker & Trainer, RZIM India | Reminiscing About Ravi – Tributes from India Team

Tejdor Tiewsoh, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM India, pays tribute to Ravi Zacharias, his leader, mentor and hero of faith – for Raviji’s undiminished love for his Saviour till the very end and his unswerving commitment and devotion to his family.

What is Really Real? – Part 2 | Ravi Zacharias

What is real out there? What’s ultimately real? The yearning of the human heart goes beyond the stomach. Ravi Zacharias, in his address at the RZIM National Conference held in Kolkata in January 2000, shows the way to move away…

What is Really Real? – Part 1

What is real out there? What’s ultimately real? Ravi Zacharias, in his address at the RZIM National Conference held in Kolkata in January 2000, offers you a special brand of lens to look at what’s real and what really matters.

Neil Vimalkumar, Speaker & Trainer | Reminiscing about Ravi – Tributes from India Team | RZIM India

Neil Vimalkumar, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM, recalls Ravi Zacharias as a person-oriented minister, a true-blue evangelist and a great man of God unrivalled in responding to questions on the Gospel. #RZIMIndia #RaviZacharias #ReminiscingAboutRavi

Atheism, Grief & God | Sam Raju & Dr JP Moreland | Conversations That Count FULL VIDEO | RZIM India

Watch the new series as RZIM Speakers direct the spotlight on issues relevant to our faith and hence on to our lives, by dialoguing with experts and scholars. We begin the series with Sam Raju, Speaker and Trainer, RZIM India,…

Calvin & Daughters | Reminiscing about Ravi – Tributes from the India Team | RZIM India

Calvin, a well-wisher of RZIM, along with his young daughters, salutes Ravi Zacharias, much acclaimed for his quotable quotes. #ReminiscingAboutRavi #RaviZacharias #RZIMIndia

Thomas Skaria, Senior Operations Manager, RZIM | Reminiscing about Ravi: Tributes from India Team

Thomas Skaria, Senior Operations Manager, RZIM, brings alive Ravi-ji’s penchant for fun, food and fellowship.

Nathan Andrews, Vice-Chairman, RZIM LFS Board | Reminiscing about Ravi: Tributes from the India Team

Nathan Andrews, Vice-chairman, RZIM LFS board, goes down nostalgia lane as he pays tribute to Ravi Zacharias.

Shalini Manohar – COO | Reminiscing about Ravi – Tributes from the India Team

Shalini Manohar, COO, RZIM, encapsulates the hallmark traits and incomparable virtues of Ravi Zacharias into an acronym, GPS.

Understanding Your Calling – Running From God, Running To God – Part 2

The greatest pleasure of an evangelist is to talk about the grace of God to other people. We should not just be people who talk about it, but people who live the grace of God in all that we do.…

Understanding Your Calling – Running From God, Running To God – Part 1

A job is something that you choose. A calling is something for which you are chosen, says Ravi Zacharias in his talk, Understanding your Calling – Part 3. The calling of a pastor is very high. It is not the…

Understanding Your Calling – Part II

“Prayer is not trying to change the will of God but a process of allowing God to condition our heart so that we align ourselves to His will,” says Ravi Zacharias in the second part of his talk, Understanding your…

A Kingdom Stalwart

Celebrating the Life of Ravi Zacharias | Shanthi Thomas – Chairperson | RZIM India He was India’s gift to the world. Ravi Zacharias introduced apologetics to the Church in India like no other and impacted a generation and more for…

Obituary: Ravi Zacharias

When Ravi Zacharias was a cricket-loving boy on the streets of India, his mother called him in to meet the local sari-seller-turned-palm reader. “Looking at your future, Ravi Baba, you will not travel far or very much in your life,”…

Ravi Zacharias, Now with Jesus

On January 4, my dad recited a stanza from this hymn from the late Richard Baxter (1615-1691):  “Lord, it belongs not to my care Whether I die or live; To love and serve Thee is my share, And this Thy…

Understanding Your Calling

A calling is something that God places on a person. God equips the person and gives him the necessary tools. He might bend him but will not break him says Ravi Zacharias in his talk, understanding you Calling

Liquor & Lockdown

With the staggered lifting of the lockdown, there seems to be a spirit of celebration (pun intended) with the resumption of sale at liquor shops across different states. The queues at these outlets and the massive turnover were very noticeable.

The Divine Hiddenness of God

Max Jeganathan in his talks says many times, we might not see God’s work very visibly. He might seem distant from us. But God is always loving and caring for us. His footprints can always be seen.

FAQ’s on Psychological Health and Christians

The question of mental health is a very pertinent one. The world is becoming more aware of the effects of mental health for the wellbeing of a person. Where does the Christian stand on this debate? What is the right…

Christ is Risen

Evidence that Jesus rose from the dead is overwhelming. Mary was not the only one who had a personal encounter with the risen Lord. In this video, Christ is Risen, Sam Raju lists the multiple appearances of the risen Jesus…

The Last Words Of A Dying Man

The death of Jesus Christ on a Roman cross two thousand years ago continues to inspire people irrespective of their religious persuasions. It might be said without exaggeration that more than mere inspiration, many have found the cross to be…

Candle In The Dark

Holding out a candle light to affirm solidarity against the darkness brought by coronavirus is symbolic of hope and change. Or is it more? There is a spirituality that is hard to divorce from culture. And that may not be…

Timeout To Reset Life-Goals

During this trying stay-at-home time, maybe we should take stock of our lives and do course correction, if need be, wonders Neil Vimalkumar, RZIM itinerant.

What Do You Want…to Give Up?

Even as the season of Lent draws to a close, Neil Vimalkumar invites us to take our prayer life seriously. Expounding from Luke 18, he asks if our persistent prayer is to do with God’s kingdom or only private need?

Faith, not fear, amid Covid

In dark times like this, how can you and I be a light in this world? RZIM itinerant Tejdor Tiewsoh gives tips.

The Corona Collateral Damage

Glued to the gadget, are you corona -bingeing? Check out in which category you fall into as Charles P. Joseph presents a witty take on the non-stop flood of info bytes on social media

Questions On Suffering, Answers Of Hope

A common refrain in the wake of suffering or natural calamity is Where is God?. In this interview with Lynette Johnson, Neil Vimalkumar says it’s because Man has failed in his responsibility. God can well turn around and ask of…

Living In the midst of COVID

Listen to Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa’s audio message on three ways we can cope in the midst of COVID-19.

Lessons for Life

Vimalkumar in this article, Lessons for Life, highlights how vital it is we do not imitate people for, in the process, we fail to do justice to the call in our own lives. He explains how important it is for…

The Search for Better Performance

Apart from strategy, culture and environment, one of the most important things that anchors us is our character. It is our character that defines who we are and finally the output that we produce. The Gospel of Jesus Christ provides…

How To Develop A Listening Heart?

Lessons from the movie, ‘The Two Popes’ The movie ‘The Two Popes’ focuses on the interaction between Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) and Bergoglio who later becomes Pope Francis. The interaction takes place around the time that Pope Benedict the…

Finding Love In A Hookup Culture

Tinder, Bumble, Scruff, Happn and so the list of online dating apps goes on. Tall, short, fair, dark, young, middle age, the apps seem to give out a wide variety of choices. All one needs to do is swipe right…

The Power and Pull of Stories

We all seem to enjoy and thrive on stories. The deepest convictions of our heart are often formed by stories and reside there in the images and emotions of a story. It’s no wonder Jesus used parables and stories to…

Emancipated to Emancipate- The life of Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai was born at a time when the treatment of women was not optimistic. After a period of contemplation, and a series of events, Ramabai eventually decided to take the plunge and accept Christ. On the occasion of the…

A Mysterious Safety

Someone told me recently that he wondered if humans only truly ever pray when we are in the midst of despair. Despite creed or confession, is it only when we have no other excuses to offer, no other comfort to…

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